Getting Started

My first foray into naturism took place over 20 years ago on a mountain bike ride on the summit of Mission Peak in Fremont, CA. I reached the summit and was all alone, just me and my bike. My roommate and I had been joking about riding down the mountain naked so I figured what the hell, nobody is around, go for it!!! I tied my clothes to the handle bars and took off down the trail and thoroughly enjoyed it for about 30 feet and then launched over a tire grabbing rock and did a front flip off the bike onto my bare butt and proceeded to skid my way to a stop. This was not what I had envisioned. My butt was sore and scratched up and I was immediately bummed, no pun intended. I stood there for a moment and got my composure back and started down the mountain again and had an uneventful trip for a few minutes. Once down to the main trail I got dressed and made it all the way down to my truck with no further drama.

Fast forward to 2013. With the proliferation of naked fun all over the internet I decided to revisit naked riding. This time I was much more cautious and took to mellow trails to see if this new “sport”  was as fun as it looked online. Sure enough it was a blast! The trails in my area are not too crowded and it’s easy to get out and enjoy the sun completely with little worry of running into someone and possibly having an uncomfortable situation. During that summer of 2013 I bought a nice headlight system so I could ride closer to town on different trails, but under the cover of darkness, which eased my fears of getting spotted. After about a year of riding bare locally I decided it was time to really go for it and I participated in the World Naked Bike Ride in Los Angeles and had one of the best times of my life. It was genuinely a life changing event for me. If you’re new to naturism and you want to make a bold beginning this may be the way to do it! Stay Naked!


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