Sleeping Naked (G-uno)

Someone else understands the joy of sleeping in your natural state!

idioglossia: the blog

I am a fan of sleeping naked. Truthfully I only use my pajamas for two things, when my reluctant feet hit the floor early in the morning, I slip them on to slumber around in while performing my early morning rituals. The second is at the end of my long day, I slip back into them to relax and unwind before I  go back to our bed to sleep. The very moment I reach my bedside I drop my “jamies” faster than you can say goodnight.

I find that most people have some very set opinions about sleeping naked. Much like the great state Florida you either love it, or you don’t. For the record I love Florida too. Now back to the subject of sleeping naked. My husband was not completely on board with this idea in the beginning. He had the usual worries that someone who has not…

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