The Best Way To Start The New Year

Happy New Year! What’s the best way to start the new year? A free hike in the mountains of course!. But first, a brief recap of last year’s January 1st. I headed out for a bike-n-hike last year on January 1, 2014 and didn’t make it very far. Less than a mile from home I had a part fail on my bike causing me to crash hard. Not so this year!

I suited up at home and headed up into the mountains for some peace and quiet. The air was cool, about 45F (7C), and calm. No clouds in sight at all, beautiful weather for a new years day. Once up near the mountains I realized how quiet it was. You could hear a few birds chirping and that was it, nothing, no car sounds, no airplanes, nothing! Enjoying this silence I rode up to a switchback in the trail and stashed my bike and my clothing in some bushes and shrubs. From here it is a steep hike up to a rocky outcrop that serves as an amazing meditation spot and allows one to enjoy a panorama view of the Antelope Valley.


Feeling the cool mountain air was exhilarating. Even though it was cold the human body can regulate it’s temperature just fine. The sun felt great and the heat I was generating while hiking up the steep trail kept me comfortable. I hiked all over the mountain top and stopped several times to enjoy the scenic vistas. A few birds circled overhead including some ravens and a falcon too! Needing to get back home for a trip to the movies I descended back to my bike on a different trail and suited up. l do this ride-n-hike a lot and doing it on the first day of the new calendar just might become a tradition. I hope you all have a happy and safe new year.



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