My usual work schedule allows me to work and enjoy Fridays at my home office without clothes. It’s an awesome feeling to get home after dropping the kids at school and strip down and pour a cup of coffee. Checking my email and working up a schedule for the day instantly brings a sense of accomplishment even though the day is just beginning. It must be that being in a natural state and doing tasks that are done clothed, traditionally, brings so much mental freedom and clarity. It’s like time slows down, you can hear the birds chirping, the dogs playing in the yard, and the wonderful aroma wafting from the coffee pot incites a calmness and serenity that I cannot get enough of.

Years ago I was an active athlete, and to a degree I still am, but as I have aged I have slowed down. Old injuries are now creeping up on me and causing me some pain and discomfort. A few doctor visits in the last two weeks show that I have a serious problem in my back and it’s causing nerve trouble in my leg. Degradation of a disc and bone spurs are causing numbness and burning pain that comes and goes at random. It’s frustrating but I am learning how to cope. It’s taken some deep introspection to realize that the things I put my body through are the cause of my discomfort. While the pain is physical the mental toll is a challenge. Am I going to be in pain forever? I surely hope not, but if I have to live with more aches and pains that I did in my 30’s I will be ok. It’s just hard sometimes seeing myself nearing 50 years old and wanting to still do the wild and crazy things I used to do, but then I realize that all of those things, while fun and silly and often times very painful, were done in the interest of just having fun. Plain and simple. I have had a very fun life and have experienced many things that most people will never get to enjoy. These things happen because of the connections and friends that I have made over the years. Regret. The word scares me. I learned long ago to choose the harder path sometimes because the rewards are often times much better than choosing the easy route and therefore building up a regret that gets stored deep in your mind. Where does this all lead to? Naturism. Think about the moments where you chose the less risky move, or you chose to not do something based on someone else’s notions of risk versus reward. Take that moment, relive it in your mind, then ask yourself would i do it differently if given another chance?

Naturism is risky to many people. I know, I was a newbie to social nudity and “came out” in April 2014. Looking to the future I asked myself if I wanted to be that old guy that had a regret file that was too long. No, that is not me, and it’s not going to be me! The risk of walking into a naturist resort, or a nude friendly beach, is real. If you’re reading this you have surely experienced close-mindedness when discussing a lack of clothing in acceptable situations with people that haven’t opened their minds to what life has to offer. The goal of no regrets was challenging and tremendously scary but once I was able to get naked with others nothing seemed impossible. It has changed my life so much in just a year that I now consider myself even more likely to try something that would be deemed too risky by most people. I am not talking about taking chances with life or property unnecessarily, but rather trying something that seemed out of reach. Signing up for a class on a subject you know nothing about, cooking food you traditionally didn’t care for, riding your bike to the store, anything is possible!

Now that I am dealing with back troubles, I dropped a large tool on my foot and smashed my toe. It is probably broken but not displaced so that’s ok. I have broken many bones ( no regrets – lol) and I can tell when something is seriously wrong. I’ll heal up and get back on my feet soon. The positive to being hurt is I get to work from home in a natural state!

Regrets. Leave them at the door and enjoy life to the fullest!!!



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