Life and Health

Health is everything. As a naturist we know how important health is and how being fee helps improve our well-being. I have had chronic back pain for years so I decided to do something about it. A visit with a doctor, new to me, and I came away with a diagnosis of a degenerating disk and an impinged nerve causing pain in my leg. The doctor prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, oral and injection. I was cool for a few weeks and then I started feeling worse so I went back and got another injection and more pills. One week later I was in the hospital with acute kidney failure!!!

My diet is very healthy and clean. I avoid chemical food and try to stay away from all lab foods like corn syrup and GMO garbage. So getting a diagnosis of acute kidney failure was shocking. After much discussion and 20/20 hindsight the doctors and I determined that dehydration plus the NSAIDs were the culprit. In recent weeks I have become somewhat of a kidney expert. Meeting with a nephrologist  I was able to restore my kidney function with saline solution IVs over a week and a half period. I am now back to normal but it was a rough road. The nausea and feelings of constant illness were brutal. Luckily my family was available to take me to my appointments and to get me food.

Pondering my health and sudden downturn brought me to the conclusion that I need to restore my health and maintain it even more! I have stopped drinking beer and wine, not forever, but for a few more weeks. I want to have a full recovery and then start enjoying an occasional beer. Not being able to hike around naked was also very dejecting. I was basically stuck at the hospital for hours on end or stuck at home feeling like hell. Now that I am feeling 99% normal I have started enjoying the spring like weather in a new location. My regular nude sun gazing area is being patrolled by a crabby old man that is worried about his cattle. We had a heated discussion when i was driving out of the area and it’s clear he is not happy with anyone being in the area. I searched and found a new spot that is secluded and closer to my house which is nice. It has great views and lots of sun!

Stay Naked!! And Healthy!


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