Bare Burro 2015

My first big event of the year is coming in just 10 days. The 6th Annual Bare Burro 5K at Olive Dell is April 19. I participated last year. It was for first foray into social nudity and it was a blast. This year I won’t be able to to do the run due to an injury but my wife and I will make a long weekend of it and camp out at the ranch and enjoy the fun from the sidelines. Temps are forecast to be in the high 80’s (F) for the weekend so that is a bonus. My goal is to crawl out of my tent Saturday morning and not wear a stitch of clothing all day, other than shoes, until it simply gets too cold. Good times ahead! If any SoCal locals are heading out for the race leave a note in the comments.

PS. If you’re wondering about the name, Bare Burro, it comes from the local burro population! Yes, there are real burros that live in the area. And they do wander into Olive Dell looking for food.


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