How To Have Fun Running The Bare Burro 5K

Running. I’ll be honest, it’s not something I really enjoy and never have. I am more of a cyclist and hiker. But, running the Bare Burro was a highlight of my sporting life.

Here are tips to making sure you have the most fun possible at the event.

  • Arrive early so you can get a good parking spot.
  • Get naked immediately after arriving and getting into the ranch. The longer you wait the more nervous you may feel. Any trepidation will quickly subside.
  • Yes, you really can be completely nude. It almost didn’t seem “real” when I unclothed during my initial visit. You’ll be relieved and elated at the same time the instant the air and the sun envelopes your body. That’s nature telling you this is right.
  • Pre-registration is highly recommended. Last year I signed up on site but anything extra you can avoid doing means more time enjoying the event.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Bring sunscreen if you’re prone to getting sunburns.
  • Bring a towel. This is a must if you plan on sitting down.
  • Water, don’t forget water.
  • There wasn’t a bag check area year but there was a car key check in which was very convenient. I left my backpack with my clothes and a few bucks in it near the pool area, as did many people, and I had no problems.
  • Race Course. The surface of the running course as marked out by the organizers is a combination of gravel road, hard packed dirt single track, rocky sections, and a few ruts. The hills are steep in some areas going up and down. As the course winds it’s way away from the start and heads east you’ll come across great views of the area.

The sight of 100 nude men and women in running shoes is to behold! Nobody is judging you at these events. You can truly shed your fears as your clothes come off and have the time of your life. Talk to people and ask questions or etiquette concerns. You’ll find that naturists are probably the nicest people you’ll ever talk to.

As I posted last week I can’t run the race this year but I will definitely enjoy the nude time in the sun and cheering on the runners plus I’ll be working on my all over tan at the pool all weekend!

Stay Naked!

PS. Watch out for burros!!!



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