Bye Bye Tan Lines

Wow, the heat showed up today, 80 degrees F at 8:30am and zero wind! It was perfect conditions for a free hike so I dropped my kids off and school and headed to the trail head on the edge of town. Parking is easy and there is rarely anyone else in the lot. Today the lot was empty and I had the trails to myself. I started off the hike wearing my running kilt which, if you’re not familiar with them, is a kilt that I made out of nylon material similar to what is used for tents. It is lightweight and very comfortable and it keeps you from getting in possible hot water with prudes. It is easy to put on and off so if your in an area where there may be people that aren’t comfortable with naturists it’s easy to put on quickly. It is without a doubt the most comfortable way to hike if you can’t be completely nude. The freedom is wonderful and you keep air flowing which is much needed on a warm day.


Once up into the hills and away from the road I dropped the running kilt and started free hiking in the juniper trees. There are several dry creek beds throughout the area and their sandy bottoms are easy to walk in. I walked along for about 30 minutes and enjoyed working on getting rid of my tan lines built up over the winter. They aren’t too bad since I really started getting out in the sun in my one button suit over the last couple years. I don’t really care about the tan lines but it’s nice to be all one color and I consider it a badge of honor for my dedication to naturism.


Once I was getting back towards my car I popped my running kilt on for the last 10 minutes of the hike. The temps were definitely getting warmer and it was great to get outside and sweat a little bit for the first time in months. Below is a panorama of the area I was in. So peaceful and quiet. The only sounds were chirping birds and lizards shaking low lying shrubs.


Stay Naked!



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