World Naked Bike Ride 2015 Preview

What’s in store for June 27, 2015? Why it’s the World Naked Bike Ride in Los Angeles, California. This fun-filled-rolling-protest-nude-freedom bicycle showcase is an amazing event for nudies. We get to shed our textile cages and ride the streets of a major city in various states of undress. Last year in Los Angeles (50 photos from LA Weekly – NSFW) was my first time participating in the WNBR so I’ll give you a recap of my experience in the hope that you’ll come out and join the fun this summer if you have never tried social nudity or the ride itself.

It was great day with sunny skies and warm temperatures. Approximately 300 to 400 riders of all ages, shapes, and sizes showed up. I’d guess a bit more than half of the riders chose to wear some article of clothing or costume while the rest wore only shoes and sunglasses. I went 100% clothes free and just wore my shoes.

Reasons for riding in the event are myriad. Some ride to protest consumerism or our dependency on oil. Other ride to show how vulnerable the naked body is to cars and traffic in the streets we share. Others just want to enjoy the sun and to show our uptight society that non-sexual nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. Many want to cast aspersions at humans that want to enjoy true freedom and hopefully this event can show that the human body shouldn’t be feared which is my personal #1 reason for riding in this parade. There is a time and a place for consenting humans to enjoy life without the constraints of unnecessary clothes and I think this ride can help open up the debate with our over-bearing politicians and the draconian laws that are forced on us.

I traveled the majority of the way to the ride on the MetroLink train. I hopped off at the Glendale station and rode the last few miles to the meeting area in the actual LA River! Arriving over 2 hours early I dropped my cycling gear and walked around talking to people. I met some very friendly and good natured participants that were happy to discuss their love of bikes and their love of nude freedom. There was a body painting station which was put to use quickly and liberally. Many slogans were painted on people’s backs and other body parts were painted all colors and many people surrounded the area to watch the paint jobs getting applied.

Once the ride got rolling the real fun started. At every stoplight and street crossing numerous people stopped and stared. Almost everyone was laughing with us or clapping in support of the riders. With the proliferation of cellphones with cameras in our society there were a lot of memories captured by the spectators. If you’re absolutely afraid of getting your photo taken you may want to get creative and wear a mask or paint your face to conceal your identity somewhat. However, taking a stand for freedom and shedding all of your clothes just might open your mind to the needless fear you have of being nude. We rode all over LA and worked our way past the landmark Echo Park and created a spectacle for the hundreds of people picnicking in the park. We cruised through Silver Lake and into downtown LA. As we snaked through the concrete canyons of LA there were whoops and hollers from the riders creating an unavoidable roar of excitement that brought people out of shops and stores to see what was causing the rumble. Once people focused on a naked body and realized they were really seeing what they thought they were seeing their faces turned from wide-eyed stares into giggles or, in most cases, to them frantically unlocking their phones to snap photos.

Due to the schedule of the MetroLink I had to bail out early and head to Union Station to catch the train home. If I would have missed the train I would have been stuck there for hours waiting for the last train to leave to my destination. Looking back now with 20/20 hindsight I could have driven to the event but then that would have defeated the purpose of protesting the use of oil in my opinion. Many people did drive to the start and I saw lots of carpooling but I am going to have to say riding to the start would be more meaningful. I understand some people came from as far away as Arizona and San Diego to participate so it’s completely understandable that they drove their cars.

For the 2015 ride I may bring my wife along to enjoy the fun. I can guarantee it’s going to be an epic naturist adventure for me and many other Angelenos plus participants in other WNBR events all around the world. I hope all of you reading this can find a ride near you. The WNBR is truly an event that must be experienced. Imagine hanging out in familiar environs for 5 to 6 hours while nude. What a treat! If you’re wondering about legalities of public nudity please remember you’re going to be in a large group and there is power in numbers. Fortunately for us here in Los Angeles, public nudity, as long as it is not lewd, is tolerated during the ride. In fact we rode by several police officers that gave us passing waves and smiles. Things may not be so liberal where you live as they are here on the west coast of the USA.

In closing I encourage you all to get naked and ride your bikes when the WNBR comes to town!

Stay Naked!


Several World Naked Bike Rides for 2015…



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