Morning Tea & Nude Meditation

On Monday I listened to an amazing podcast by Rich Roll which featured an interview with WuDe. WuDe is Buddhist monk born in the USA but now living in Taiwan. He is a tea master and started Global Tea Hut as a way to share his love of tea. This podcast motivated me to begin a new morning ritual whereby I drink two cups of tea and meditate in my backyard. Today was day 4 of the ritual and I am feeling the benefits of this glorious time spent being present and aware. What follows is a description of the morning tea ritual as I do it and what I see and think during this quiet time.

The morning begins with tea. I have heated the water, gathered a bowl, cup, tea bag, and taken them out to the patio with my moleskine. Bees are the first thing I see. They are gathering nectar from the hundreds of blooming mimosa pudica flowers. The dead wood that rises from the trees are used as a perch by many different birds. Some arrive in pairs, others are solo. A lone hummingbird has arrived to work along side the bees. After a brief rest on the dead wood perch it gets a few sips of nectar and flies away quickly. Watching this scene I sip my first cup of tea.

The rising sun is heating my skin as the coolness of the morning retreats. My robe is off now and the full glow of our star is bringing me life. The dead wood that rises above the living branches acts as a symbol of what was once a living, thriving part of the mimosa pudica tree. Rather than trim these I left them as a place for birds to land and to give the plant a sense of maturity and contrast to the majority of the tree that is still living.

The warm air feels wonderful on my skin. While drinking the tea and enjoying the aroma and flavors I feel present in the moment and very alive. Sitting clothes-free, I am content with the solitude and peacefulness that the morning provides. The soul enriching sun is now pouring onto my unencumbered skin and the day has begun.

Namaste. Stay Naked!


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