Bike Ride & Outdoor Shower

Good grief it is getting outright hot here in the high desert of Southern California. This morning during my naked tea meditation I was literally sweating. I wanted to get in a bike ride after the tea time so I wrapped that up and headed out the door at 7:55am to meet a group of cyclists just a mile from my house. Unfortunately my bike had a flat tire so I had to swap rear wheels with a spare wheel. This took a few minutes since the spare wheel was up in the rafters on a rack I made to hold wheels. I had to get a ladder and climb up there, get the wheel, put the ladder away, and then get the wheel on. Once I topped off the air in the wheel I was up and riding. I got to the meeting spot a few minutes late and the group was gone. No worries, I figured I would turn this ride into a workout.

I rode up a local valley and took in the sights and smells of the area. A rancher has a herd of bison that were lounging in the morning sun. Once past the bison I rode up a short steep climb. Reaching the summit of the road I was drenched in sweat and the first thing that came to mind was a shower, a nice cool shower. The area I was in is void of any real trees and shady cover to rest under so I headed back down the valley and rode towards a secluded area just off the road that would be perfect to rig up an outdoor shower.


The eastern end of the valley has large areas covered with junipers. Some have survived fires, years of wind, and weather to grow into huge desert icons. Riding up to a dense grove of juniper I found a semi-shaded area to park my bike and get out of my sweaty cycling clothes. I rigged a full water bottle upside down on a high branch of a juniper and opened the valve and let the water pour onto me. To say this was exhilarating would be an understatement. The blazing sun and cool water combined to give me just the refreshment I was looking for. The method of tying the bottle to the tree was crude but effective so I got to thinking about how to make a dedicated bottle holder so I can do this easier in the future.


After this shower I did a few yoga moves to stretch muscle tightness in my body. It didn’t take long to dry off so not having a towel wasn’t a worry at all. I suited back up for the 5 minute ride home. I truly am lucky to live so close to a large, mostly undeveloped, nature space right on the edge of suburbia. I’m heading to the craft store later today to get items for making a better bottle holder so I can enjoy the outdoors even more. This has my mind thinking. Do any other naturists find ideas and ways to make naked outdoor adventures more fun?

Stay Naked!



  1. Bare Beach Bum (@BareBeachBum)

    I use to do this when riding along the ocean. I’d find a quiet or semi-quiet spot. Strip down and jump in the water to cool off. When I got out I’d sit on a rock or stretch a bit to dry off before getting dressed and continuing my ride. Sometimes when riding with a friend or group we’d do this as well.


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