Summer Fun & Black’s Beach Review

This summer has been full of good times in the sun. Our trip to Black’s Beach was awesome. I took the whole family and my son was the only one that joined me in going full commando in the surf. Riding the waves on our boogie boards was so much fun. The beach wasn’t very crowded when we arrived but a steady stream of textiles started to fill the southern end of the nude area and most of the people fully enjoying the sun were heading north. The weather was perfect. A slight breeze with full sun and temps in the high 70’s.

The crowd was a mixture of solo men, solo women, a few couples, and a few groups of college age women. As I suspected there were some men down there just to stare at boobs. Not many, but it was so noticeable I almost said something to a strange looking guy that was wearing shorts and getting into our beach space. I wasn’t sure what was going on at the time but now thinking back I am sure he was ogling two women to our right, and four women to our left. He also walked between my son and I which I didn’t think much of until I saw where he was going. He looped around behind us, then circled around in front of us, way too close, and then wandered off. Now that I know there are indeed men there acting like weirdos I will definitely confront them. That isn’t something I want to do at all but it appears to be necessary.

I might be able to get back to Black’s Beach one more time this summer. Depends on volunteer commitments and other things. It sure was fun. The hike down is a challenge, and the hike back up is even more of challenge. I highly recommend carrying down what you need, water, food, etc., but leave the heavy stuff in the car. I brought our cooler with too much food and hauling it back up the cliff was brutal!

Morning Ritual

Almost two months ago I began a morning ritual of tea and naked meditation. I have been struggling with consistency but overall there have been more rituals than not. I begin with heating the water then move out to the backyard patio to prepare the tea. Once the tea is brewing a quick sweep of the patio clears it of the sticks and leaves that blow onto it overnight. When the tea is ready I drop my robe on a chair and begin sipping on the aromatic goodness. The sun rises and heats the patio quickly. Rotating my chair gets me in full morning sun and it feels great. At this point I open up my tablet and review the latest posts on a Buddhist blog called Tricycle. Meditating for 10 to 15 minutes is next and then a fresh bowl of tea follows. Watering my patio plants and filling the dogs water bowls completes the ritual and the day begins. This takes about an hour and a half to complete. It is very peaceful and quiet that early in the morning. Getting a complete blast of sunlight this early in the morning does wonders for the mind and body. I highly recommend it!

My kids are now back in school so I don’t have nearly the amount of time required to complete the full ritual most days, unless my wife takes the kids to school. I am the school driver 4 days a week so I have to manage my morning sun time before I head off to work.



To finish off the summer fun I am pondering one more trip to Olive Dell. This will just be an overnighter but it will be awesome to grab the waning days of summer in all it’s glory next to the pool with a cold beer.

Stay Naked!




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