Full moon under a full moon

Today’s drive to Olive Dell Ranch was slowed by a massive traffic jam. It took a full 3 hours to get here! It usually only takes an hour and 20 minutes. 

I got situated and ate dinner. Now I’m lounging in my tent getting ready to sleep under a glorious moon. It’s still 82 degrees out at 10:00pm so I won’t be needing a sleeping bag. The Ranch is active tonight. I can hear people in the hot tub but I’m just too tired to join them. 

Each time I visit Olive Dell it feels like I’m come home. No judging, no drama, just good times and a mellow vibe. Plus walking around with just my flip flops on makes the brutal drive quickly fade away. Tomorrow its forecast to be another scorcher. You’ll find me near the pool! 

Staying Naked!!!!!



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