Freedom and Clarity

Each time I visit Olive Dell Ranch it takes just minutes to chat with Veronica the gate keeper, pay the modest fees, and get through the gate. Driving into the ranch I see many familiar sights. The statues of David and Venus greet you as the gravel road turns right and heads for the pool area. It feels like home.

First thing to do, of course, is get naked upon opening the car door. Ah, the warm evening air is nice. The sun was down so the majority of the daytime heat was fading. My tent went up quickly and dinner was made and eaten. I forgot a cast iron pan so I had to cook in a stainless steel backpacking cup. This was a challenge but it worked. It was late in the evening when I was done eating. I sipped a couple beers and relaxed after the long aggravating drive.

The temps were perfect that night. Sleeping under the full moon with just a satin sheet was so nice. It did get slightly cool early in the morning before the sun came up so I grabbed my sleeping bag and pulled it over me. I am sure it was probably just 70 degrees. I awoke around 6:00am and walked up to the restroom for a shower and a dip in the hot tub. There was a lone man in the hot tub and we exchanged greetings. After 10 minutes I had to go, time to drive to the seminar. Getting there was easy and the first day of the two day seminar was great. Once it was over I sped back to Colton and hit the grocery store for food and cold beer and then sped back to Olive Dell.

Getting naked instantly I headed to the pool for a dip in the lukewarm water and to do some reading of the material I received at the seminar. The sun was nearly out of sight so my tan didn’t get any work! I was hoping for some hot full body sun. I repeated the process from the night before, cook dinner, drink a couple beers. I called my wife and we talked for a while. I sure wish she was with me. We have way too much fun when we’re naked and free. Before turning in for bed I took a full moon stroll around the ranch. It was still very warm and it felt great. Being clothes free in the campsite is nice, but walking around the ranch and taking in the sights and sounds is the best. True freedom. Wandering around without a care is so enlightening and mentally healthy. You can literally feel the weight of society’s rules regarding clothing just fall away, no pun intended. The pool area was a bit noisy with music and loud talking. After sitting in the seminar all day I just wanted peace and quiet so I headed back to the tent and fell asleep.

I woke up before my alarm and got up and out of the tent at 6:15am. The cool morning air was excellent so I put on some shoes and grabbed my backpack and went for a hike up in the hills east of the ranch. Free hiking is my passion. I just love to hike without clothes, period. It feels so natural to get out into nature to smell the plants and enjoy the vistas. Watching the rising sun bathe Mt. Baldy (elevation 10,068 feet) in beautiful morning light as I gazed to the west was a treat. Following the trails I came across the Bare Burro 5K course markings. These led me back to the ranch. It was so early, and Sunday, so the ranch was very quiet and still.


elevation 10,064 feet

elevation 10,064 feet

Getting back to the campsite I quickly got to work taking down the tent and loading my car. I had to get back to the 2nd day of the seminar and then head home afterwards. Packing the car quickly gave me time to take a nice shower and get ready for the day. Being naked at the ranch gives you the feeling that you should be naked all the time. I put on my sport kilt and hopped in the car. The best benefit to wearing a sport kilt is you can easily open it up and drive naked. You’re basically sitting on it and getting maximum freedom. I drove the 20 miles to the seminar location like this. Ahhh!!! I had the window rolled down and a big smile on my face. This is living clothes free!

It was blazing hot, 97 degrees F, and we had to do some work outdoors to complete the seminar requirements. It was a few hours long which was brutal and barely tolerable. I was drinking more water than I thought possible and it really saved me. I was hot and getting over-heated being out in the sun, but focusing on hydration and nutrition worked fine. I survived. Once the seminar was successfully completed I got on the road around 3:30pm and stopped for a bite to eat. Getting back on the freeway in my kilt I opened in up and drove “free” for 44 miles through the mountains and across the desert. What a glorious afternoon!

Stopping at the Llano del Rio ruins on Highway 138 east of the tiny town of Pearblossom I was greeted by a desert wind blowing firmly and hot. The cold AC of my car and the contrasting heat pushed by the wind was stunning. Walking around the ruins you get a sense of melancholy which quickly takes a backseat to the massive amounts of broken glass that has built up over the almost 100 years that the area has been abandoned. Of course the stone walls and clear skies created the opportunity for some nude photography.


You can read more about the history of the ruins and the commune that was once located here by visiting this link:

I finally arrived home feeling tired but accomplished. Dusty, sweaty, and dirty from head to toe I must have looked like I had been living in my car for a while. Looking back at the journey I can’t help but feel a deep sense of serendipity at discovering naturism and making the bold leap to social nudity in the last few years. It’s not longer uncomfortable to be nude in a social environment that thrives and accepts people as they are. As I have written many times I encourage everyone to try it. Your life will change for the better. I have arrived.

Stay Naked


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