Rock Hunter

Summer is hanging on tight here in Southern California. Last weekend I headed out into the hills for a freehike in the full sun of the early morning. Heading west into a barren canyon the early morning temps were mild but quickly headed into the 90F range. I saw several grazing cows and that was it. Not a soul out there. I went up to the summit of a hill and rested in the shade of a juniper tree and then headed back down and walked/jogged home. It was a 6 mile round trip. A new publicly accessible road through the area required me to bring my running kilt for areas where I could run across motorists. “Progress” (urban sprawl) is pushing roads and houses into the area which sucks. This area was once pretty remote with only dirtbikes or underage drinkers sneaking in. Now it’s watched over by an angry guy in a beat up truck. This morning I didn’t see him so I was good to enjoy the open space without getting asked a million questions like the last time he stopped me in my car driving out of the area. Apparently someone bought the land and hired Mr. Cranky to oversee the area. You have to hike/ride through the area to get to a designated park so I am not sure of the legality of Mr. Cranky trying to keep people from getting to the park. We’ll see in the near future how this plays out. In the meantime I will still hike up there as long as it’s not a bust.



This past weekend’s recap. (Lots of staying naked for me lately!)

Since the weather is still working well for my free hiking pursuits I went to an area I hadn’t been to in about 10 years. The hills are much higher than I usually hike in and much more remote. There were 2 dirtbike riders destroying a steep trail and themselves by repeatedly crashing. I had planned on going up to the summit of a ridge but they were riding laps around the area so I headed west to get some peace and quiet. The occasional hawk or raven were my only aerial  companions. Lots of lizards were scooting around the trails. The sun was blazing and I was very warm. Once I was free of my sweaty hiking clothes I was about to hike nude for about an hour or so. I wasn’t keeping track of time since I wasn’t on a schedule and it was Sunday so I was free! There many trails in the area, some very steep, and most pretty mellow. Once I reached a shady area I stopped for a snack and then started to head down. It was a 5 mile walk home from where I was. I walked down towards the edge of town and stayed nude for as long as it was reasonable. Once close to the main road through the area I put my running kilt on and just kept it pulled down until the coast was clear. Tucking it into the waist belt of my backpack was easy and allowed full airflow and comfort!

I’ve picked up a new hobby, rock collecting. What’s better than a new hobby? Doing it without clothes of course. Poking around the area I have found petrified wood and other interesting rocks. It’s really fun to be on the hunt for rocks and to be free of sweaty clothes that don’t do anything but annoy you.


As the summer comes to a close and the autumn weather approaches you’ll find me out in the sun until it’s just too cold to go bare but, when the sun comes out I will catch some rays guaranteed!


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