Vacation 2017

Whiskeytown Lake was on my agenda for a visit today. This area of Northern California is beautiful when you get up into the mountains. Many peaceful lakeside beaches and mountain ranges. However, naked fun seems to hard to come by. A few searches of the www didn’t reveal much.  I rented a kayak and took a paddle around the west side of Whiskeytown Lake near Brandy Creek. I found a nice spot to park the kayak and go for a free swim. The water was excellent and refreshing. The area I parked the kayak in was void of all boat and hiker traffic, mostly. A boat came into the area so I had to end my fun too soon. Shortly after a bunch of kayakers started passing thru the area. I noticed I was in a rather busy spot as I paddled away back to the main beach area. Good times! I hope to go back and paddle there again soon. 


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