Bates Beach

Along the coast of California are many beautiful beaches. Nudity is allowed or tolerated on some, but not enough in my humble opinion. My wife and I planned a Saturday getaway sans kids last weekend. Bates Beach has a history of nude sunbathing however in recent years it has become illegal. There is a great group of people known as Friends of Bates Beach that are trying to reverse this policy. We joined them for a peaceful day in the sun. It was awesome. The water was great, lots of sun, and no problems. We’ll definitely be going back. 

Summer Ride

Life has many commitments. This morning my commitments were sparingly light so I was able to get outside for a long solo bike ride. The air was warm and the sky was clear and more importantly there was no wind! Riding in the western edge of the Mojave Desert is great. The views are spectacular and there are very few people around. My goal was solitude and it was achieved. 

I found a nice area to relax in and enjoy a cup of coffee. Good times!

On the way home I saw a coyote and shortly thereafter a roadrunner. No snakes today. Enjoy!

Olive Dell Ranch – Bare Burro 2016

The 7th Annual Bare Burro 5k takes place this Sunday, April 10th at the Olive Dell Ranch. I wasn’t able to run last year but I will be running this year. I even trained for it! That should help for sure when racing up and down the hills of the course. The weather is not cooperating 100%. There is a chance of rain but the temps will be in the 60’s so that won’t stop me from having fun. In fact running in the rain naked will be awesome.

2016 Has Been Sunny!

Here is SoCal the winter was very mellow and we had more sun that usual. My goal to get out in the sun at least 10 times a month has been exceeded every month so far. There have been a few cool days but mostly days of full sun which creates wonderful freehiking moments. Get those buns out and hike naked! Here’s to a great 2016! Stay Naked!




2016 Is Here!

New Year’s Eve was my last free hike of the year. A fitting way to end a tumultuous year. The weather was cool but the sun was shining as the calendar ended.


I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions but I am making an exception this year. My goal is get outside and enjoy the earth as it was intended at least 10 times per month. So far I have had 5 clothing free opportunities this month. I figure that’s an achievable goal. The only stipulation I put on myself is that the free session can’t be at home. It has to be outdoors someplace else. Anyone else up for it?