Summer Hikes

SoCal is blazing this summer. It’s been over 100F too many days for me! When it’s in the 90F’s free hiking is more tolerable since you’re not getting cooked by the sun and heat. The local canyon is nice right now. Shades is some areas, full sun in others. Planning a trip to Olive Dell this weekend. Can’t wait!

Starlight walk

It was a warm evening under blazing stars and everyone was asleep early. Seeing the opportunity for a naked walk I seized the moment. The area I’m in is all ranch-style houses with acreage. I walked out into the fields completely free and unencumbered by clothes. The starlight was perfect and just enough to see where I was going. The warm air was refreshing and I took full advantage of the alone time to really enjoy life. I could hear critters scurrying about in the brush. Hopefully I can go again tonight or tomorrow. 

Vacation 2017

Whiskeytown Lake was on my agenda for a visit today. This area of Northern California is beautiful when you get up into the mountains. Many peaceful lakeside beaches and mountain ranges. However, naked fun seems to hard to come by. A few searches of the www didn’t reveal much.  I rented a kayak and took a paddle around the west side of Whiskeytown Lake near Brandy Creek. I found a nice spot to park the kayak and go for a free swim. The water was excellent and refreshing. The area I parked the kayak in was void of all boat and hiker traffic, mostly. A boat came into the area so I had to end my fun too soon. Shortly after a bunch of kayakers started passing thru the area. I noticed I was in a rather busy spot as I paddled away back to the main beach area. Good times! I hope to go back and paddle there again soon. 

Bates Beach

Along the coast of California are many beautiful beaches. Nudity is allowed or tolerated on some, but not enough in my humble opinion. My wife and I planned a Saturday getaway sans kids last weekend. Bates Beach has a history of nude sunbathing however in recent years it has become illegal. There is a great group of people known as Friends of Bates Beach that are trying to reverse this policy. We joined them for a peaceful day in the sun. It was awesome. The water was great, lots of sun, and no problems. We’ll definitely be going back. 

Summer Ride

Life has many commitments. This morning my commitments were sparingly light so I was able to get outside for a long solo bike ride. The air was warm and the sky was clear and more importantly there was no wind! Riding in the western edge of the Mojave Desert is great. The views are spectacular and there are very few people around. My goal was solitude and it was achieved. 

I found a nice area to relax in and enjoy a cup of coffee. Good times!

On the way home I saw a coyote and shortly thereafter a roadrunner. No snakes today. Enjoy!